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Department of Geological Prospecting Engineering

Каракозов Артур Аркадьевич, к. т. н, доц., заведующий кафедры «Технология и техника бурения скважин»Arthur Karakozov
Head of Department, Ph. D.

Department of Geological Prospecting Engineering was founded on December 3, 1970.

The founder and first Head of department Georgiy Neudachin was in charge till 1977. Leontiy Ivachev (till 1988) and later Oleg Kalinichenko (till 2000) were in charge of the department. Since december 2000 Artur Karakozov is Head of the department.

Department is teaching students in courses of drilling engineering and technology and tools of mineral prospecting.

Results of reasearch activity are well known among drilling industry. Main areas of research are:

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